Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine

Working of the machine :

  • ➢ The machine is manually operated.
  • ➢ The spring has to be kept on the testing table after placing the loading rod upward.
  • ➢ Once the spring is kept the loading rod should be brought on the spring just touching.
  • ➢ Now press zero/start key to start the testing of the spring.
  • ➢ While load is increased by lowering the loading rod manually by wheel/lever, the display (LCD) with start increasing the weight in the first line and distance in the second line.
  • ➢ If you do not have computer interface facility in the machine then you need to note down required readings at different load what is the deflection or vice versa.
  • ➢ With this you can plot the graph or just check the quality of the spring in test.

Machine can be offered for both tensile mode as well as compression mode

Other technical specs :

  • ➢ Proven design and circuit.
  • ➢ Easy to operate by any illiterate person.
  • ➢ Load cell (sensor) used will be of two/three times capacity than the capacity of the machine. Means in 50 kg machine the sensor will be of 100kg or 150 kg capacity. This will make the system more reliable and maintenance free.
  • ➢ Distance is measured by linear pot of very high quality standards.
  • ➢ Alpha numeric display (LCD) of 16 characters of 2 lines will make the system very easy to operate even without explanation to unknown person.
  • ➢ One of display will show the force, another will display distance the spring pressed.