UV - C Protector

UV - C Protector
UV - C Protector

The ANTU - Ultraviolet (UV-C) Disinfection Device has been designed and manufactured in India. This UV Sanitizer box can be used for disinfecting daily use items from bacteria. Many bacteria can survive on certain surfaces for upto 9 days. Any residual contamination, poses a threat to the individual and thereby the people that they come in contact with.

The advantages of UV-C disinfection :

  • ➢ High Efficiency against a wide range of micro-organisms.
  • ➢ Dry disinfection. No by-products.
  • ➢ Low capital and operational costs.

The ANTU UV Sanitizer can be used for multiple applications such as :

  • 1. MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS - Stationery, Examination probes & tools.
  • 2. SALONS - Combs, Scissors and other tools.
  • 3. PERSONAL USE - Mobile, Wallet, Laptop, Keys, Groceries, Face Masks, e-Commerce Packages.
  • 4. OFFICE USE - Human Interface devices (Keyboard & Mouse), Pantry items, e-Commerce Packages.
  • 5. HOTELS & RESTAURANTS - Vegetables, Cutlery.

Preci-Tech was established in 1987, with the vision to manufacture quality electronic devices with indigenous technology - Make in India. In 30+ years of experience, we have deployed our devices at PSUs, Pharma Companies and reputed Hospitals Chains. At the heart of each product manufactured at Preci-Tech, is the goal to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

The Unique Features of ANTU :

  • 1. Modular design for serviceability.
  • 2. Sturdy Metal Body.
  • 3. Safety Switch to prevent accidental UV-C exposure.
  • 4. Multifaceted Reflectors for UV-C Tubes.
  • 5. Aluminium reflectors for all 6 surfaces.
  • 6. 2+2 tube configuration for 360° disinfection.
  • 7. User configurable timer.

Our ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing facility guarantees product quality & comes with a 18 month warranty.

Country of origin
Product Warranty
18 months
Outer Material
Mild Steel
Inner Material
Aluminium 1060
Usable Volume
Outer Dimensions(box)
500(W) x 400(H) x 350(D)
Outer Dimensions (Electronic housing)
500(W) x 85(H) x 120(D)
Net Product Weight
Operating Voltage
220V AC - 50Hz
Max Current
3.0 A
1.5 A
UV - C Tube Rated Life
11000 Hours
UV - C Tubes
4 Tubes(25W each)
4 Tubes(11W each)
Safety Switch
Configurable Timer
Detachable Power Cord
Voltage Fluctuation Protection