Batching System

Features :

  • ➢ Dedicated controller to control up to 8 input signals.
  • ➢ Means our custom built PLC will take care of 8 product batching system.
  • ➢ In case of more products to be batched then standard PLC is connected to our PLC.
  • ➢ 10 recipe memories.
  • ➢ You can select any combination you require to mix.
  • ➢ You can also omit any product which you do not wish to use in that batch.
  • ➢ Fully programmable.
  • ➢ Can designed to operate for free flowing material, material filling using pump, vibrator, screw or motorized material from any Silo or container.
  • ➢ Sequential operation.
  • ➢ Any custom built system can also be offered.
  • ➢ Useful for rubber mixing plant, chemical, food, agricultural, etc.