Liquid Filling Machine

Features :

  • ➢ Filling can be done on gravity basis or by pumping.
  • ➢ In case of filling by pump, the pipeline has to be properly route.
  • ➢ In case of gravity filling, the speed of filling depends upon the flow rate of the system.
  • ➢ Accuracy is achieved 0.1% to 0.2% (of the rated capacity) depending upon the speed and material.
  • ➢ Fill mode can be filling at above drum mouth or filling at inside of drum mouth or filling below drum liquid surface to avoid foam coming (for option).
  • ➢ Pneumatically controlled Valve of SS 304 or SS316 as per the requirement.
  • ➢ In case of corrosive material PP or HDPE valves are used.
  • ➢ System can be offered in single speed (for speedy filling and less accuracy).
  • ➢ In case of higher accuracy two speed filling machine is offered.
  • ➢ We can also offer progressive correction mechanism, which fills last few drops very accurately.
  • ➢ Other features are explained in the Filling machine controller section.
  • ➢ Drum Filling Scale is based on weighing scale to  fill liquid in bulk into all kinds of containers, buckets or plastic drums.
  • ➢ Suitable for filling Coating, paint, printing ink, adhesive, curing agent, resin, dye, detergent, oil, glycerin, lubricating oil, edible oil, essence, solvents, additives, food additives, pesticides and other hazardous chemical products etc.