Silo Weight Monitoring Scale

Various types of sensors and mounting offered depending upon the application :

Various Types of Indicators can be offered depending upon application :

Features :

  • ➢ Load cell selection and mountings designed best suitable for the application keeping safety standard.
  • ➢ Continuous monitoring of weight.
  • ➢ Field safe. No keys are operated without some combination or password to prevent making Cilo weight zero even by accident.
  • ➢ In case of power failure the weight is kept in the memory and even if there is any change in the weight while in power off condition it will be calculated and actual weight will be displayed on power ON.
  • ➢ All other optional features are available like battery backup, serial interface, RS485, LAN, parallel display, etc.. are available (optional).
  • ➢ Any capacity (up to 100 T) are available.