Static Check Weighing Scale System

Features :

  • ➢ Any capacity or any model weighing machine can be offered in static check weighing system.
  • ➢ 20 X 4 line LCD display with 16 keys for ease of setting parameters for high & low value.
  • ➢ 100 no of setting storage memories.
  • ➢ Can be offered in single in error indication as well as in three indication tower light with buzzer.
  • ➢ Additional relay output can be offered for any extra operation as an optional feature.
  • ➢ Works only on mains.
  • ➢ Counter for high, ok and low can also be offered on 20 x 4 display as an optional feature.
  • ➢ Custom made design can be offered.
  • ➢ The machine checks weight and accordingly alarms are activated.
  • ➢ But in case required checking of counts in a counting machine this check weighing facility can be offered.
  • ➢ Means check weighing system on the basis of weights or counts either of but not both in one machine.