Conversion from Mechanical to Electronic Testing Machine

Features :

  • ➢ Old mechanical tensile testing machine can be converted in to elctronic with the following features :
    • Only peak load can be registered
    • Both distance and peak load can be measured and displayed on the LCD screen.
    • All other features like computer connectivity or PLC or dedicated logic can be offered.
    • Software related to the test report generation and live graph can also be offered separately.
  • ➢ Any other feaure can also be offered on demand.
  • ➢ Production hydraulic press conversion to testing machine.

In case of existing press can also be used for converting to testing machine with some modification in the machine and all features of electronic tensile testing machine can be achieved.

The set up can also be removed so that it can be used as and when testing is required, otherwise the press can be used for the regular production.