Solid (Powder/Granules) Filling Machine

Vibratory feeder: for powder and granules :

For free Flowing materials :

Auger Filling Machine :

Features :

  • ➢ Solid filling is done using various methods like, vibratory feeder, screw feeder, belt feeder, free flowing, auger filling, etc.
  • ➢ It has double filling speed control, fast feeding and slow feeding; In order to get best filling accuracy, preset different filling speed according to product features.
  • ➢ All the contact parts of liquid used stainless steel 304, easy clean.
  • ➢ Loss of weigh feeder can also be offered.
  • ➢ 1T per shift can be filled in case of two speed operation.
  • ➢ Can synchronize with conveyor.
  • ➢ Widely used in chemical, food, pesticide industries etc.
  • ➢ 10 different products parameters preset, easy to recall and edit.