Direct Printing

Direct Printing Facility:


Features :

  • ➢ Printing facility can be offered in any capacity of the machine.
  • ➢ 20x4 alpha numeric display for ease of setting and operation
  • ➢ 16 keyboard for fast operation
  • ➢ Separate enclosure for printer for ease of maintenance
  • ➢ In case of platform scale application where weight display is required to be readable from a distance, we can offer addition weight display in bright LED as shown in the photo.
  • ➢ Thermal printer, in which thermal paper has to be used and as an inherent feature of this type og printing in which printing may not last more than few days.
  • ➢ This is used only for the immediate verification and process on the same day.
  • ➢ Sample printout will be similar
  • ➢ Factory set pre-programmed company name on printout.

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Sample print out :

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